ZX450 HITACHI Heavy sale in Canada

HITACHI ZX450 2008

Price:$51,353 USD
HITACHI  ZX450 2008
Buy HITACHI ZX450 2008 Used and New
+1 514 334 7018
Date: 12-Oct-2017
Serial Number FF01J3Q020709
Hours 9585
Catalog CU2470399

2008 HITACHI ZX450

Price:USD $52,429

                    2008 HITACHI ZX450
Buy 2008 HITACHI ZX450 Used and New
Hewitt Equipment Ltd  
QUÉBEC, Quebec, Canada
+1 514-500-1135
Date: 01-Feb-2017
Pelle sur chaine Hitachi ZX450 année 2008 avec 9585 heures. Vient avec godet d'excavation. Machine vendu tel quel. Excavator Hitachi ZX450 year 2008 with 9585 hours. Comes with excavation bucket. Machine sold as is., AIR CONDITIONER, BOOM: 1 PIECE, STICK: LONG, CARBODY: STANDARD, UNDERCARRIAGE: LONG, LIGHTING, COUNTERWEIGHT REMOVAL SYSTEM, BEACON, AM FM RADIO
Catwalk Good
Seat Belt Good
Smoke (B/D/L/W) None
Water Pump Good
Wiring Good
Safety Decals In Place No
Width 58''
Bucket Cylinder Poor
Belts / Pulleys Good
Fuel Level 100% full
Pins & Bushings Fair
Radiator Grill & Shroud Good
Brand Garier
Blow By No
S.O.S. Taken No
Boom Condition Fair
Serial Number n/s: 68282
Fan Good
Crankcase Guard / Battery Box Poor
Hoses Good
Notes Les galets sont usés - the rollers are worn
Fenders Poor
Travel Motors Good
Current Parts Manual No
Lighting Good
Alternator Good
Stock Number 800193811-700077281
Car Body Good
Hose Lines Fair
Links Les chaines sont usées - the chains are worn
Gauges Good
Leaks No
Fuel Tank Good
Switches Fair
Interior Lights Good
Oil Pressure (H/L/N) Normale
EPA Decal Yes
Back Up Alarm Yes
Air Cleaners Good
Seat Cushion / Arm Rest Good
Operating Condition Good
Eng. Enclose Hood / Stack Poor
Steps / Ladder Good
Cleaning Required No
Track Frame - Left Good
Hours 9,585
Extra Fuel Tanks No
Track Frame - Right Good
Bucket Sides Fair
Current O&MM No
Exhaust / Muffler Good
Stick Conditions Fair
Oil Leaks No
Horn Good
Quick Coupler No
Glass/Mirrors Good
Engine Supports Good
Cab Guards No
Track Shoes 60 CM
Turbocharger / Blower Good
Paint Fair
Stick Cylinder Good
Swing Gear Good
Main Frame Welds Good
Windshield Wipers Fair
Batteries / Cables Good
Swing Drive Oil Level ok
Swing Motors Good
Engine Doors Poor
Brake Hold Good
Pumps & Valves Poor
Water in Oil No
Bucket Linkage Fair
Air Conditioner Good
Pre-Heater Good
Boom Cylinder Good
Heater Good
Anti-Freeze Color Rouge - red -35°F
Compression in Radiator No
Knocking No
Counterweight Good
Boom Pins Fair
Starter Good
Teeth / Adapters Fair
Floor Boards Good
Door Latches Good
Swing Brake Good
Hydraulic Swivel Good
Coolers Good
Fluid Levels OK? Yes
Stick Pins Fair
Grab Irons Good
Fuel Injection System Good
Tank Good
Governor Good
Pre-Cleaner Bowl Poor
Bucket Bottom Fair
Radiator Good
Safety Decals Legible Yes

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HITACHI ZX450 2008
HITACHI  ZX450 2008
HITACHI ZX450 2008
2008 HITACHI ZX450

                    2008 HITACHI ZX450
2008 HITACHI ZX450
Hewitt Equipment Ltd
QUÉBEC, Quebec, Canada

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