PC1250LC8 KOMATSU Heavy sale in North Carolina

2011 KOMATSU PC1250 LC-8


                    2011 KOMATSU PC1250 LC-8
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Cat Financial  
FAYETTEVILLE, North Carolina
+1 877-228-3515
Date: 13-Sep-2017
Serial Number N/A
Catwalk Fair
Seat Belt Good
Water Pump Good
Wiring Good
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Level N/A
Width 93inch
EMS Panel / Warnings Good
Belts / Pulleys Good
Fuel Level 100%
Pins & Bushings Fair
Radiator Grill & Shroud Good
Brand Hensley
Boom Condition Good
Fan Good
Crankcase Guard / Battery Box Good
Track Roller 4 LeftMeasurement: 24mm; RightMeasurement: 24mm
Track Roller 7 LeftMeasurement: 25mm; RightMeasurement: 24mm
Hoses Good
Track Roller 1 LeftMeasurement: 25mm; RightMeasurement: 25mm
Quick Coupler (Make/Model) No coupler
Track Roller 2 LeftMeasurement: 23mm; RightMeasurement: 24mm
Track Roller 9 LeftMeasurement: RG; RightMeasurement: RG
Track Roller 8 LeftMeasurement: 24mm; RightMeasurement: 24mm
Fenders Good
Pins & Bushings (Internal) LeftMeasurement: 1121mm; RightMeasurement: 1127mm
Travel Motors Good
Lighting Good
Alternator Good
Stock Number 115271
Car Body Good
Sheet Metal Good
Hose Lines Fair
Links Left rail worn from contact with rock guard
Gauges Good
Fuel Tank Good
Switches Good
Bucket Cylinder Fair
Air Cleaners Good
Seat Cushion / Arm Rest Good
Control Linkage Good
Carrier Rollers LC - 200mm, RC - 200mm
Eng. Enclose Hood / Stack Good
Steps / Ladder Fair
Radiator Good
Track Frame - Left Good
Pins & Bushings (External) LeftMeasurement: 95mm; RightMeasurement: 95mm
Hours 8,170
Planetaries / Diff Good
Carrier Rollers Front LeftMeasurement: 202mm; RightMeasurement: 202mm
  Comments: Missing 2 lower mount bolts, track frame was welded to car body
Track Frame - Right Fair
Bucket Sides Good
Exhaust / Muffler Good
Stick Conditions Good
Stick Length 11ft 4in
Horn Good
Hood Good
Glass/Mirrors Good
Engine Supports Good
Track Shoes Several bent shoes on both tracks
Turbocharger / Blower Good
Housings Good
Note Retail Fair
Paint Fair
Stick Cylinder Good
Track Roller 3 LeftMeasurement: 24mm; RightMeasurement: 24mm
Swing Gear Good
Main Frame Welds Good
Windshield Wipers Good
Batteries / Cables Good
Idlers Front LeftMeasurement: 27mm; RightMeasurement: 25mm
Filter Condition (CUT) Good
Pump Drive Good
Swing Drive Oil Level At full mark
Swing Motors Good
Track Roller 10 LeftMeasurement: 25mm; RightMeasurement: 25mm
Engine Doors Good
Brake Hold Good
Pumps & Valves Fair
Boom Length (Actual Length) 30ft
Bucket Linkage Fair
Bucket Mounts Fair
Air Conditioner Good
Boom Cylinder Fair
Heater Good
Anti-Freeze Color Red
Interior Lights Good
Decals Good
Counterweight Fair
Boom Pins Fair
Starter Good
Teeth / Adapters Fair
Floor Boards Good
Fan Drive Good
Track Roller 5 LeftMeasurement: RG; RightMeasurement: RG
Door Latches Good
Swing Brake Good
Segments LeftMeasurement: 292mm; RightMeasurement: 293mm
Track Roller 6 LeftMeasurement: 24mm; RightMeasurement: 25mm
Operating Condition Good
2011 KOMATSU PC1250 LC-8

                    2011 KOMATSU PC1250 LC-8
2011 KOMATSU PC1250 LC-8
Cat Financial
FAYETTEVILLE, North Carolina

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